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Lumeo EasySleep AirBed is a game changing, lightweight and portable air bed that can be carried with ease and inflated on the go, without an external air pump! There's a foot pump built right into the bed!

✔ Lightweight, Small and Portable
✔ Fast Unroll & Inflate, Built In Pump
✔ Built In Pillow
✔ Ultimate, Head to To Comfort
✔ Insulated and Warm
✔ Can Clip Together to For a Larger Bed

The Ultimate Air Mattress

The Lumeo EasySleep Air Bed is the new standard in camping mattresses. Lightweight, portable and doesn't require an external pump. Every adventures dream!


  Unroll, pump up, and your camping mattress is ready to use.

With a built-in pump, you can inflate the air bed within minutes, saving your breath after a long exhausting day. Deflation is also quick and easy, so you can catch up with your journey, all without the need for an external air pump.


Clip 2 EasySleep Air Beds Together To Form A Double Bed

Most air beds are designed for one-man use, which leaves a big gap in between when putting 2 pads together. With the EasySleep, you can quickly turn two pads into a double bed with the snap buttons.

Enjoy a restful night's sleep on this cloud-like mattress throughout the entire night.

This ultra-thick pad ensures you won't experience any discomfort. Paired with the built-in pillow, it elevates you above uneven terrain, ensuring a comfortable night's sleep

No More Waking Up To A Floppy Air Bed

Ensure that poor sleep never spoils your camping adventures. Crafted with Military-Grade Fabric and featuring a dependable airtight valve, the EasySleep offers exceptional durability and zero leakage. Once pumped up, it maintains a sturdy and secure structure throughout the night.

Stay Warm and Comfortable All Year Round!

Extremely adjustable to fit on any helmet, hard hat or even smaller heads. Made to ensure superb comfort for users. 

Ultra Light Weight and Portable

Lumeo Pro charges with lighting speed via USB Type C connection. The brightest mode can last up to 3 hours of active light and 8 hours on low.



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