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Bundle and Save! Introducing the Lumeo Pro Loadshedding Bundle – your ultimate solution to conquer the darkness during loadshedding in South Africa. This carefully curated bundle includes everything you need to stay prepared, empowered, and illuminated when the lights go out. 

The bundle includes:

✔ 2X Lumeo Pro Headlamps
✔ 2X Lumeo Travel Kits
✔ 2X Lumeo Pro BrightBuddy Keychain Lights
✔ 2X Lumeo Pro Tripod Lamps
✔ 1X Lumeo ProBeam Flashlight

Lumeo Pro Headlamp: With their ultra-wide 230° beam and unmatched brightness, these headlamps will light up your surroundings, providing hands-free illumination for any task at hand. Whether it's reading, cooking, or moving around during loadshedding, these headlamps have got you covered.

Lumeo Travel Kit: Compact and portable, these travel kits contain all the essentials you need for your loadshedding adventures. Each kit includes a power bank, USB cables, and a carabiner, ensuring that your devices stay charged and ready to use even when the power is out.

Lumeo Pro BrightBuddy Keychain Light: Keep these mini powerhouses with you at all times. Compact and lightweight, they attach easily to your keys, ensuring that you always have a reliable light source wherever you go. Perfect for emergencies, late-night walks, or finding your way in the dark.

Lumeo Pro Tripod Lamp: Versatile and multi-functional, these tripod lamps provide 360° wide-angle illumination. Set them up on any surface or use the magnetic base and hanging hook to position them wherever you need light. Perfect for lighting up rooms, campsites, or work areas during loadshedding.

Lumeo ProBeam Flashlight: The ultimate powerhouse in your loadshedding arsenal. This zoomable flashlight emits a powerful 2000 lumens of light, allowing you to see far and wide. With its solid aluminum build and five light modes, it's ready to tackle any darkness that comes your way.

By purchasing the Lumeo Pro Loadshedding Bundle, you not only receive a comprehensive set of lighting solutions but also save R800 compared to buying each item individually. This bundle is designed to equip you with the tools you need to navigate through loadshedding with ease, convenience, and peace of mind.

Don't let loadshedding dim your spirits – brighten up your world with the Lumeo Pro Loadshedding Bundle. Be prepared, stay illuminated, and never let the darkness hold you back again. Get your bundle today and experience the power of light during loadshedding! 



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